Code of Banks Commitment to Customers

Collection of Dues

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Whenever we give loans, we will explain to you the repayment process by way of amount, tenure and periodicity of repayment. However, if you do not adhere to repayment schedule, a defined process in accordance with the laws of the land will be followed for recovery of dues. The process will involve reminding you by sending you notice or by making personal visits and/ or repossession of security, if any.

Our collection policy is built on courtesy, fair treatment and persuasion. We believe in fostering customer confidence and longterm relationship.

  1. We will post details of the recovery agency firms / companies engaged by us on our website.
  2. We will also make available on request details of the recovery agency firms/companies at our branches.
  3. Our staff or any person authorized to represent us in collection of dues or/and security repossession will identify himself/herself and display the authority letter issued by us and upon request display(ing) to you his/ her identity card issued by the bank or under authority of the bank.
  4. We will provide you with all the information regarding dues and will endeavour to give sufficient notice for payment of dues.
  5. We will have a system of checks before passing on a default case to collection agencies so that you are not harassed on account of lapses on our part.
  6. We will write to you when we initiate recovery proceedings against you.
  7. All the members of the staff or any person authorised to represent our bank in collection or/and security repossession would follow the guidelines set out below:
    1. You would be contacted ordinarily at the place of your choice and in the absence of any specified place at the place of your residence and if unavailable at your residence, at the place of business/occupation
    2. Identity and authority to represent would be made known to you 
    3. Your privacy would be respected
    4. Interaction with you would be in a civil manner
    5. Normally our representatives will contact you between 0700 hrs and 1900 hrs, unless the special circumstances of your business or occupation require otherwise
    6.  Your requests to avoid calls at a particular time or at a particular place would be honoured as far as possible
    7. Time and number of calls and contents of conversation would be documented
    8. All assistance would be given to resolve disputes or differences regarding dues in a mutually acceptable and in an orderly manner
    9. During visits to your place for dues collection, decency and decorum would be maintained.
    10. Inappropriate occasions such as bereavement in the family or such other calamitous occasions would be avoided for making calls/visits to collect dues 
    11. We will investigate any complaint from you about unfair practices by collection agents.

Security Repossession Policy

We will follow a security repossession policy in consonance with the law. A copy of the policy will be made available on request.


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